Pharmaceutical Solutions

Nipro Corporation is a global, fully integrated glass tubing manufacturer, supplying a large range of tubes, vials, ampoules, cartridges and other glass products to the pharmaceutical (parenteral and generic), scientific and cosmetic international markets. With our latest acquisition of the Glass Tubing division of Amcor (formerly known as Wheaton), which has been serving the glass pharma market for over 50 years, we have acquired a strong and solid portfolio of products and knowledge, giving us unparalleled industry know-how and expertise. All this coupled with a focus on investments and a responsive account management team, we partner with our customers to help them best meet their business goals.

Quality and Technology

Absolute precision is indispensable to produce neutral glass tubing reaching temperatures up to approx 1,600ºC, while at the same time maintaining excellent quality standards and keeping narrow tolerances in the tubing sent out to our customers. Each product is subject to rigid nonstop monitoring process – from the receipt of the raw materials up to the shipment of finished goods. 100% inspection assures meeting the high quality demands of the market. Our control processes and maximum workability ensure high-quality products tailored to our customers' needs.

Our Global Presence

With worldwide facilities in the U.S., India, China, Japan, France, and Belgium, we are truly positioned to meet global specifications and to provide continuity of supply to our customers. � For more info visit us on