NHS Alliance Recognition

December 2014

In 2014 Nipro Diagnostics UK were approached by the NHS Alliance in recognition of their success in rationalising blood glucose monitoring in primary care whilst still ensuring patients received accurate, easy to use meters for measuring their blood glucose and managing their condition.  The NHS Alliance work with ITN every year to commission and produce a number of short films that demonstrate and promote best practice in primary care, and the film that ITN have made with Nipro features the successful partnership approach that has helped deliver significant savings and benefits across the West Berkshire group of CCGs.

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Rigi Medizintechnik GMBH

August 2014

Nipro Europe announced today the completion of the acquisition of a majority stake of 51% in Rigi Medizintechnik GmbH (Head Office: Freienbach, Switzerland).

This latest acquisition is part of Nipro Europe’s strategy to vertically integrate its supply chain from manufacturing to the patient. That strategy included the expansion of its product portfolio through the additions of manufacturers Nipro Renal Solutions (Nov 2013) and Nipro Pure Water (Jan 2014) and is now continued through the addition of 7 direct sales territories.

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Phoenix Pure Water GMBH

January 2014

Nipro Europe is proud to announce the acquisition of Phoenix Pure Water GMBH.

The acquisition of Phoenix is part of Nipro’s strategy to complete its portfolio of products for dialysis treatments. Nipro Europe already had a distribution agreement for its territory in place with Phoenix Pure Water. This acquisition now enables Nipro to invest directly in, and accelerate the development of innovative water treatment solutions for dialysis centers. It also allows the Phoenix Pure Water organization to access the Nipro global distribution organization and through this, grow its global sales revenue.

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Nipro Diabetes Care

August 2013

Nipro is proud to announce the acquisition of P.J. Noyes, a privately held New Hampshire-based manufacturer of OTC healthcare, personal care products, nutraceuticals and dietary supplements. This strategic acquisition expands Nipro Diagnostics’ capabilities, adds expertise, pipeline of formulations and expands our USA-based manufacturing.

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Nipro Renal Solutions

November 2012

Nipro is proud to announce the acquisition of Nefro-Ion. This acquisition is part of Nipro’s strategy to complete its portfolio of products for dialysis treatments. It allows for a significant portfolio expansion, more specifically with solutions and dry powder cartridges. It also enables Nipro to continue developing innovative solutions for concentrate and bicarbonate storage and distribution.

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Consumer Product Ratings

October 2012

The TRUEresult® blood glucose monitoring systems has for the second consecutive year received a “recommended“ rating from a leading consumer publication/testing organization.

The TRUEresult® meter received an “excellent” rating for accuracy and “very good“ for repeatability and convenience. Additionally, the TRUE2go® meter (only available in US) rated “very good” for accuracy and repeatability, and “good” for convenience. These TRUE brand meters, co-branded by well-known national pharmacies and distributors, placed higher in the overall ratings than several well-known national brand name blood glucose meters.

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June 2012

Nipro recently conducted a large scale market survey to identify trends and future needs of our customers and patients. As a token of appreciation to all the participants to this survey, we have donated 50€ for each completed survey to the Make-a-wish foundation. The number of returned surveys was above expectations and we were able to make a first donation already.

The project funded by Nipro was for Marieke Vandeweyer.

Marieke has been diagnosed with a rare cancer and is currently going through repetitive chemo sessions. She is, since the beginning of her disease, unable to walk. You can read her story on her mother’s blog (in Dutch),

Her dream was to live like a star for one day. Together with make-a-wish, we were able to offer her a day filled with massages, visagistes, stretch limo, unlimited shopping and a party with her friends. All followed by a camera crew and photographers, just like a star. We have since received a letter, she was thrilled.

Nipro is committed to continue supporting this initiative. We thank all of you who participated in the survey and made this possible.

Don’t hesitate to visit make-a-wish ( and support a child’s dream yourself.

New President Nipro Corporation

May 2012

Following the passing of our president, Mr. Minuro Sano, the board of directors of Nipro Corporation has appointed Mr. Yoshihiko Sano as new President of the company.

Mr. Yoshihiko Sano is with the company since 1975. His most recent position was Managing Director and General Manager of Domestic Business Dept.

Mr. Sano

May 2012

With great grief we have to announce that Tuesday morning our president and founder of Nipro, Mr. Sano passed away.

Under Mr. Sano’s leadership Nipro grew from a local manufacturer to the global multinational company we are today.
He was a great person and visionary businessman.

Trends Award

February 2012

Nipro Europe received a “Trends Gazellen Award 2012″ for being a fast growing enterprise.

Nipro Glass

February 10, 2012

OSAKA, JAPAN – February 10, 2012 – Nipro Corporation (Head Office: Osaka, Japan) announced today the completion of the acquisition of the Liebmann Group, Münnerstadt, Germany.

The acquisition of the Liebmann Group, known commercially as MGlas AG and MG STERILE PRODUCTS AG is part of Nipro’s strategy to develop its glass business internationally. In addition to a regional expansion, the acquisition allows for a significant portfolio expansion. The Liebmann Group brings state-of-the-art sterile and non-sterile pharmaceutical glass packaging, including syringe manufacturing, to the European glass activities of Nipro.

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Nipro Diabetes Care

January 31, 2011

(Fort Lauderdale, FL) – Nipro Diagnostics, Inc. has won the Manufacturers Association of Florida (MAF) 2011 Manufacturer of the Year Award. The company was recognized in the large-company (500+ employees) category. The award, based on evaluation of leading-edge management practices, manufacturing and process quality, and other performance-excellence criteria, was presented at the 2011 MAF Manufacturers Summit & Marketplace award ceremony on December 1, 2011

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Nipro Glass

July 27, 2011

OSAKA, JAPAN – July 27, 2011 – Nipro Corporation (Head Office: Osaka, Japan) announced today the completion of the previously announced pending acquisition of Amcor Glass Tubing, a division of Amcor. (Head Office: Hawthorn, Australia)

The acquisition of Amcor Glass Tubing is part of Nipro’s strategy to develop its glass business internationally. In addition to a regional expansion, the acquisition allows for a significant portfolio expansion.

The combined organizations will now cover all major global markets with a qualitative offer adapted to local demands.

Kurt van Dal, current President and CEO of Nipro Europe, has been given the additional role of President and CEO of the new organizations; Nipro Glass Americas, Nipro Glass Belgium and Nipro Glass France. The global headquarters will be located in Brussels, Belgium.

“We are very excited to be able to serve our customers in the global glass market” said Mr. Van Dal. “The Nipro Glass organizations are built on qualitative products and skilled people. This, in combination with our expertise and existing network of customers will make us a strong player and undisputedly a challenger for the market leaders.”

The financials of Amcor Glass Tubing will be included on the balance sheet and profits and losses of Nipro Corporation on consolidated basis, starting September 1st, 2011.

About Nipro Corporation:

Nipro Corporation (Tokyo Stock Exchange and Osaka Stock Exchange Ticker Code 8086), founded in 1954, is engaged directly and through its subsidiaries principally in the development, manufacture and sale of medical devices, pharmaceutical products and medical and glass products. Nipro’s medical device division is engaged in the manufacture and sale of medical devices and its related products, the development, manufacture and sale of cell culturing-related products, as well as the development and sale of diabetes-relates products. Nipro’s pharmaceutical division is engaged in the research, manufacture and sale of pharmaceuticals, such as blood derivatives. The instrument division of Nipro manufactures and sells glass pipes and other glass products, including the inner bottles of thermos bottles. Nipro and its subsidiaries also sell medical device manufacturing equipment and conduct real estate leasing and non-life insurance agency businesses. For more information please visit

Japanese Earthquake – Update (3)

April 7, 2011

Nipro Japan has started monitoring radiation levels in tap water, on the manufacturing grounds, raw materials and even incoming inner boxes and shipping cartons. At Nipro Europe’s side, we have an agreement with the SCK-CEN (Belgian nuclear energy study center) to sample test incoming goods upon arrival in Europe on the presence of radioactive material. So far, and as expected, these measurements show no abnormal values.

Japanese Earthquake – Update (2)

March 18, 2011

Several sources, including the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, say radiation levels in Tokyo are dropping to normal background levels. Our dialyzer manufacturing facilities are located almost twice as far from Fukushima than Tokyo.
Our staff on-site has resumed work as usual.

Japanese Earthquake – Update (1)

March 17, 2011

We keep receiving reassuring messages from our manufacturing plants in Japan. Earthquake damages have been repaired and production has been restored. Also, all our plants exporting to Europe are well out of the zone potentially affected by the current nuclear fall-out from Fukushima. Please visit this web-site for future updates.

Japanese Earthquake

March 11, 2011

Today, the north-east of Japan was struck by an earthquake with a force of 8.9, triggering a Tsunami. There are alarming reports of destruction and damages in the North East, especially due to the Tsunami.

Nipro Japan has its headquarter in Osaka and 2 main production facilities in Odate and Tatebayashi. We have received information from them that there are no structural damages or personal injuries. Our Nipro colleagues are quite impressed by it all, but they assured us that they will continue their normal work and production schedule.

Our thoughts go out to all those that were affected.

SureFuser™+ Test Report

January 24, 2011

Nipro just released a scientific report performed by an independant laboratory in France regarding the infusion time and flowrate (ISO 28620).

You can download the file here. Or go to our SureFuser page for more information

Phoenix Water Systems

October 1, 2010

Nipro Europe has joined up with Phoenix Pure Water GmbH to complete their product range within Renal Care.

Phoenix Pure Water a German company, specialized in watertreatment systems for dialysis centers.

Diabetes Care

February 3, 2010

Nipro recently acquired Home Diagnostics Inc., now Nipro Diagnostics Inc.

Home Diagnostic was specialized in glucose meters for diabetes.

Nipro Europe will promote their product range under the product group Diabetes Care.

Diabetes Care Anouncement