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    EDTA Congress

    May 2015

    We would like to invite to visit our booth at the EDTA in London, from 28-31 May

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    Nipro acquires Rigi Medizintechnik GmbH

    August 2014

    Nipro Europe announced today the completion of the acquisition of a majority stake of 51% in Rigi Medizintechnik GmbH (Head Office: Freienbach, Switzerland).

    This latest acquisition is part of Nipro Europe’s strategy to vertically integrate its supply chain from manufacturing to the patient. That strategy included the expansion of its product portfolio through the additions of manufacturers Nipro Renal Solutions (Nov 2013) and Nipro Pure Water (Jan 2014) and is now continued through the addition of 7 direct sales territories.

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  • Careers

    Don’t just find a job,find a career @ Nipro

    We are continually seeking talented individuals at all levels. Nipro offers excellent opportunities within sales, marketing, finance and technical departments for all of its European offices.

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    Your Partner in Safety and Quality

    In each business area of Nipro Corporation priority is focused on building long-term partnerships with each customer. This is accomplished by providing superior quality and value throughout the business in addition to listening to customer needs and translating those needs into specific products and services.

Pursuing eco-friendly business approach

Enhancing environmental awareness

Nipro recognizes the importance of environmental preservation and acts conscientiously.

Active involvement in environmental issues is an essential part of corporate activity. We keep an eye on our potential impact on the global environment not in the manufacturing process alone, but in all aspects of our business activities. In our efforts to preserve and improve the environment, we pursue efficient use of resources and energy, reduction of waste and emissions, assessment and mitigation of the impact of our products and production process on the environment, and development and use of environmental technologies.

We take swift and appropriate action to alleviate any adverse impact or potential impact on the environment and to improve the environment. We also cooperate with the local community in environmental activities, and provide fair and appropriate information.

To help reduce environmental burden we promote recycling, lights-off and other conservation activities that can easily be done on a daily basis.

Promoting environmental management

Nipro promotes various activities at its offices and factories to reduce burdens on the global environment. Recognizing environmental conservation as a key issue, each and every worker is actively involved in eco-friendly initiatives, such as conservation and reuse of resources, and energy-saving campaigns for lighting and air-conditioning systems.

  • Paperless office (digitizing documents for internal use, eliminating meeting handouts etc.)
  • Reduction of paper and other waste
  • Recycling of resources at factories
  • Energy conservation at offices (maintaining air-conditioning pre-set temperatures at 28°C for cooling and 20°C for heating)
  • Ensuring waste separation and recycling


  1. Mission
  2. Quality & Safety
  3. Research & Development


In each business area of Nipro Corporation, priority is focused on building long-term partnerships with each customer. This is accomplished by providing superior quality and value throughout the business in addition to listening to customer needs and translating those needs into specific products and services. Nipro Europe constantly thrives to create and offer safe, high-quality products ensuring a better quality of life. Being recognized as a worldwide leading brand vital to the medical field of artificial organs, regenerative medicines and other medical devices, we continue to strive for growth by becoming our customer’s first choice.

Through people…

…we offer an organization that is attractive and challenging. We strive for operational excellence through an experienced and talented employee base. We empower and provide our people with the resources needed to develop professionally, improving their skills, resulting in a dedicated team.

Through our products…

…we manage a portfolio that is focused on customer and market demand. We always strive to expand in new and current markets with innovative products and applications. By continuously increasing our positioning efforts, we enlarge our brand name recognition.

Through processes

…we are a sales and marketing-focused organization, committed to continuously advancing our efficiency and improving our work to provide superior products and services.

Kurt Van Dal

Quality & Safety

Nipro is dedicated to improve the quality and safety of healthcare.

Medical devices are now a pervasive part of modern medical care. They are in many cases associated with quality of care. Healthcare worker and patient safety are key strategies for healthcare providers. Nipro assists providers to meet this challenge by supplying a developing portfolio of next generation safety medical products aimed at reducing the risk of needlestick injuries and associated infections.

Nipro’s quality system is focused on satisfying critical specifications, continuously improving all products and complying with regulatory requirements.  Regulatory services include 510(k) and technical file preparation and assistance with CE Marking.

Nipro continuously move products to higher levels of quality and reliability.

“Our customers expect the highest quality products and materials, made for their specific needs, and delivered in a short time frame.”

Research & Development

The Nipro Group promotes research and development of both medical equipment and pharmaceutical products.

Our research and development focuses on cutting-edge technologies as well as trying to achieve higher quality and improved functionality with our existing products. We expect to commercialize one of our cutting-edge products, namely our nerve regeneration-assisting device, which uses our unique bio-absorbable materials, developed in-house.

We have come close to developing a cell-culturing system thanks to our studies of stem cells in umbilical blood.

In terms of artificial organs, our range of implanted ventricular-assist devices, developed in cooperation with an American company, are currently at the clinical testing stage in Japan.

With regard to the development of new drugs and new formulation technologies, further to the commercialization of our powdered dialysis solutions based on a new and highly effective granulation technology, we plan to be the first company to commercialize a double-bag product for hemodiafiltration substitution fluids as well as selling various products such as pre-filled syringes for safety use, thereby contributing to the prevention of medical accidents.

In this consolidated accounting year, the total cost of R&D activity was 4.8 billion yen (US$ 52.1 million).


Working @ Nipro Europe

Don’t just find a job, find a career @ Nipro

Nipro offers you the opportunity to join one of its four Business units and be part of a leading brand. Whether you are an Account Manager with Hospital Products, a Customer Services Representative at headquarters or a Clinical Support Specialist with Renal Care you will find a career with Nipro that will challenge your thinking, develop your professional skills and brings you into contact with people who share the same commitment to simplicity and service.

We’re continually seeking talented individuals at all levels. Nipro offers excellent opportunities within sales, marketing, finance and technical departments for all of its European offices.

Send your application letter with curriculum vitae to and see how far your career can take you.

Nipro Europe is committed to equal opportunity in employment, and is opposed to discrimination of employees or applicants for employment, on the grounds of race, religious beliefs, colour, nationality, sex, sexual orientation, marital/parental status, age, or disability.